Bert Lighting House
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The Story

Bert Lighting House Pte. Ltd. was started back in 2001 by Singapore’s OG, Bert Tan, whose career began as a grip and gaffer years before he decided to be really eager and set up shop leasing film equipment from an old truck which he only paid $15,000 for.  

Yes, you read correctly. He took over the renewal of the COE of a really old truck that was about to be scrapped by a friend.

For all of the closeted eager beavers out there, COE is the Certificate of Entitlement that represents the right to own a vehicle and use of the limited road space for 10 years in Singapore.

Anyways, back to the story.

Wanting to take over Asia, the OG of Beavers then became the owner and Managing Director of one of the most reputable equipment leasing companies within the South East Asia region. I mean, now they have physical presence in Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia. Since then, Bert Lighting House has been a major player in both local and international productions, providing services for feature films, television, commercials and even students.

Throughout his extremely long career and experience in productions both locally and internationally, this beaver saw the need to improve Singapore’s media infrastructure to thrive in the challenging world. With his bold vision and contagious enthusiasm, the simple idea of leasing equipment grew to where it is today, with the latest and advanced equipment. He inspired many eager beavers along the way and now has a team of professional technical beavers under him.

He is the OG of eager beavers after all.

The Latest and Most Advanced Equipments

From the latest cameras to the most comprehensive equipment support solutions, the company strives to deliver the best visual quality to collaborators, partners and clients alike.


"Being in this industry for more than 10 years, Bert Lighting House is favoured among many production houses, both local and overseas, and is well known for its quality equipment, excellent crew members and high dependability."

— Spirit of Enterprise, 2013